Blue Planet: Alpine Tundra

  • A good overview of the alpine tundra including descriptions of plants and animals that live in the alpine tundra. Note this website was created by a 6th grade class so it would be a good idea to verify any information.

The Wild Planet: Alpine Tundra

  • Overview of the Alpine Tundra with a great section on plant adaptations. Includes a great video produced by the EcoGeeks on the alpine tundra.

Rocky Mountain National Park: Alpine Tundra

  • Official website of Rocky Mountain National Park which describes the alpine tundra ecosystem found in the park.

The Alpine Tundra

  • A nice overview with some photographs of a typical area of alpine tundra.

Alpine Tundra

  • A short list of plants and animals that live in the alpine tundra.

The Alpine Tundra of the Colorado Plateau

  • A nice website describing the alpine plateau and the plants and animals that live there.

Alpine Tundra in the Rockies

  • Good information (but watch the spelling on some words) about the alpine tundra. Has some good drawings of plants that live in the alpine tundra.

Alpine Tundra (PDF file)

  • Because this is a PDF file you will not be able to highlight information with Diigo, however, it is a good source of information for your project.


  • Read about these migratory animals