Animals of the Congo Rainforest

  • A nice overview of some of the animals that live in the Congo Rainforest.

Carving Up the Congo

  • A YouTube video showing how logging is affecting the Congo Rainforest.

Congo Rainforest Facts

  • Basic overview of facts about the Congo or Central African Rainforest.

Congo Rainforest Fund

  • Story about efforts to save the Congo Rainforest.

Explore Africa: The Rainforest

  • A site sponsored by PBS that explores the regions of Africa. This page focuses on the Central African Rainforest.

Images of the Congo Rainforest

  • Links to images and other websites of the Congo Rainforest.

Plants of the African Rainforest

  • Brief descriptions of some of the plants that live in the African Rainforest.

The Congo Rainforest

  • A good overview of the characteristics of the Rainforest of the Congo.

Wildlife of the Deep Congo Rainforest

  • A YouTube video showing some of the more unusual animals that live in the deep Congo Rainforest.

WiseGeek Congo Rainforest

  • Good source of basic information about the Congo Rainforest.

Conservation and Communities

  • Jane Goodall's website