Remember that you will need to credit the sources where you find the information you use in your presentation and paper, so always make note of where you find any information. In your written paper, you are required to credit your sources on a works cited page. You may want to utilize YoLink and Easy Bib to help you format your citations.

It is extremely important that you write your presentation in your own words. If you use someone else's words you must use quotation marks and credit the person who said or wrote those words. The same is true for photographs you use in your presentation. If you find information that is useful in your report and you write that information in your own words, you must still credit the source where you found that information. When you use someone else's words, information, or data without crediting the source, it is plagiarism. Plagiarism is a very serious offense and will lead to a zero grade on your paper. When you get to college or join the work force, if you plagiarrize, you can be expelled, lose your job, and even be taken to court and tried for breaking the law.
It is always a good idea to find at least two sources to verify information that you find on the web. Anyone can put create a website and information on those websites may not be factual. Finding at least two sources that concur with each other helps you to make sure that the facts you quote are accurate.

Use the Web Resources provided for you to begin your research. Begin with the general biome websites to gather some general information about biomes around the world. These resources may be especially helpful to the geologist/meteorologist of your group.