Once you have finished your research, you should confer with your teammates. Remember this is a collaborative project and you must work together to produce your presentation.

Look over the research your teammates have completed. Discuss the information you found out about your biome. Point out any information that you found very important or interesting. Consult each other and decide what you what need to include in your PowerPoint Presentation and on your display board if it is required by your instructor.

As you work on your presentation and display board (if required), always keep in mind the big question: Why should this biome be saved? Remember, you will be trying to persuade members of the UN Development Council to vote against the Goliath Global Development Corporation's plans. You must use evidence from all three experts in your presentation.
You may want to review the sample sample presentation on the Chaparral biome to remind yourselves what kinds of information you will need to complete your own presentation.

You may utilize this storyboard (pdf file) to help you organize the information you need for your presentation so that you can make the best use of your time at the computer.