Gobi Desert

Mojave Desert

Namibian Desert


Academic Kids: Deserts

  • A general overview of deserts around the world.

Earth Floor Biomes: Deserts

  • A general overview of the desert biome that includes a section on animal adaptations for desert survival.

Enchanted Learning Deserts

  • This website offers basic information about deserts, a map of major world deserts, and a basic listing of some of the animals that can be found in each desert.

Habitat Awareness: Deserts

  • A general overview of ecological concerns and how people can help protect the deserts around the world.

Missouri Botanic Gardens: Deserts

  • A general overview of the characteristics of the desert biome.

National Geographic Deserts

  • A fabulous general resource for your desert research. Just make sure that the information you gather pertains to your specific desert.

Wild Classroom: Deserts

  • Good overview of different desert biomes.

World's Biomes: Deserts

  • This site describes the different types of deserts.