America's Wetland

  • Facts and figures about Louisiana's coastal wetlands.

Barantaria Shoreline

  • Official site sponsored by the Louisiana state government.

Coastal Wetland Protection

  • Protecting Louisiana's Wetlands.

Images of the Louisiana Wetlands

  • Page of images with links to information about Louisiana's Wetlands.

Louisiana Estuary Project

  • Video project to document damage by the Gulf Oil Spill.

Louisiana Salt Marshes

  • Tulane University Website dedicated to information about Louisiana's Salt Marshes.

LUMCON Research Program

  • A research group based in a Louisiana Estuary with information about human impacts on the estuary.

National Geographic: Louisiana's Wetlands

  • National Geographic articles and photos.

Nature Consevancy in Louisiana Wetlands

  • Focuses on conservation efforts in the Louisiana wetlands.

NatureWorks: Estuaries

  • Good general information about estuaries. Remember to make sure that the plants and animals that you research live in your specific biome.


  • A non-native rodent that is damaging Louisiana's wetlands.

Pink Albino Dolphin

  • An unusual animal found in a Louisiana estuary.


  • Read about how these guys and girls are making a come back!

concern for Louisiana wetlands

  • Look at the last section of this article for toxins in the wetlands