Characteristics of the Earth's Terrestrial Biomes
  • An online textbook which includes descriptions of earth's terrestrial biomes.

Earth Floor Terrestrial Biomes

  • A good overview of the major terrestrial biomes.

Missouri Botanic Gardens

  • Overviews of all major biomes including the aquatic biomes both salt and freshwater.

Terrestrial Biomes

  • Overviews of the major terrestrial biomes including a world map.

The World's Biomes

  • Overviews of major biomes including entries for aquatic biomes.

Climate Crisis

  • A site dedicated to how the global warming is affecting biomes around the world.

To Plant or Not to Plant

  • A game developed by the scientists at NASA. Bill Botanist has just received a collection of plant specimens in the mail. It is urgent that the specimens be planted as soon as possible because the world is counting on the oxygen that they will provide. Travel with Bill on an expedition to each of the world's biomes to help him study his specimens. Your mission is to get each plant specimen planted in the best possible biome.

Bamboo Forests