North American Prairie
The Pampas

Enchanted Learning: Grasslands

  • General overview of grasslands with animal listing for each type of grassland.

Grassland Threats and Solutions

  • Overview of issues and threats to Grassland biomes with some suggested solutions.

Introduction to Temperate Grasslands

  • General overview of temperate grassland biomes including North American Prairies, the Steppes and the Argentine Pampas.

National Geographic: Grasslands

  • Overview of Grasslands biomes with beautiful photos and conservation information. Just make sure the information you collect is for your specific grassland biome.

NatureWorks: Grasslands

  • A quick overview of the several types of grassland biomes in the world.

Temperate Grasslands

  • General Overview of Temperate Grasslands -- Prairies, Steppes, and Pampas.

Wild Classroom: Temperate Grasslands

  • Good overview of the characteristics of temperate grasslands.

World Biomes: Grasslands

  • Website that describes the differences between the different types of grasslands.