Death Valley National Park

  • The official website for Death Valley National Park is a good source of information and photographs for your project. Check the nature and science tab for information about plants, animals, the ecosystem and conservation efforts.

Deserts USA: The Mojave

  • General overview of the Mojave Desert.

Joshua Tree National Park

  • The official website for Joshua Tree National Park. The northern part of Joshua Tree National Park is the southern boundary of the Mojave Desert. The Joshua Trees that give the park its name are found in the Mojave Desert sections of the park.

Mojave Desert

  • A general overview website with lists of plants and animals that live in the Mojave.

The Mojave National Preserve

  • The official website of the Mojave National Preserve, a nationally protected portion of the Mojave Desert. Great photographs and information for your project.

California Condor endangered animal

  • This endangered animals has hunting territory that includes the Mojave.

California Condor debate on land use

  • Read about the discussion on land use and endangered animals.