Badlands National Park

  • Official website of the Badlands National Park located in the middle of America's mixed grass prairie grasslands.

Blue Planet: North American Prairies

  • General description of the North American Prairies with links to animal and plant descriptions.

Enchanted Learning: Prarie Animals

  • Basic information about animals that live on the North American Prairie.

Friends of the Prairie

  • Information on conservation efforts.

Introduction to the North American Prairies

  • General overview and description of the different types of prairies found in North America -- Tall Grass, Short Grass and Mixed Grass Prairies.

Missouri Botanic Gardens: Grasslands

  • A great site with lots of information and photos of grassland plants and animals.

Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve

  • The official website of America's National Tall Grass Prairie National Preserve.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

  • Official website of Theodore Roosevelt National Park located on the North Dakota prairie

Black-footed Ferret

  • The Black-footed Ferret is one of the endangered species who make their home in this biome.

Black-footed Ferret (Natureworks resource)

  • Another resource on these cute little guys.

Prairie Dogs communicate

  • This is an audio site. Listen to how prairie dogs communicate colors and shapes.