Before embarking upon any adventure it is important to prepare. The same is true when you begin a research project. You need to have a plan.

Be sure that everyone in your group understands their roles and everyone has the materials they need to begin. Everyone should familiarize themselves with the guiding questions in their field journals so that they will be able to recognize important information when you find it.

For this project we will be utilizing a social bookmarking tool called Diigo to help us organize our sources and notes. Your instructor will give you a user name and password to sign into the Diigo site. Be aware that all work utilizing the Diigo site is monitored by the teachers and administrators at your school. You must follow your school's Acceptable Use Guidelines at all times when using this resource.
When using Diigo, you should tag each site with your name, the specific biome you are researching, and with the term biomes and share what you have found with your group utilizing the group function of Diigo.

If you would like to download Diigo to your home computer, follow these simple instructions for downloading the Diigo toolbar. Make sure you have permission from an adult before downloading anything to a computer.

You may wish to view this example presentation on the chaparral biome so that you have a better idea of the type of information that you will need for your presentation.