General Information

This WebQuest was designed to be the culminating project of a 5th Grade Biome Unit. Students should be familiar with the concept of a biome and have a general understanding of the components which make up a biome before beginning the research process.

The instructor will assign students of mixed ability to research groups. The WebQuest is written for three roles per group, but most of the listed biomes have enough resources to allow for additional students in shared roles if needed. You may also notice that some large biomes have also been subdivided into specific regions. For example, the tropical rain forest may be assigned as a whole or divided into the Amazon, the Costa Rican, the Indonesian, and the Central African Rainforest (Congo) to accomodate larger classes.

Instructors should allow approximately three weeks for completion of the WebQuest research process, assembly of presentation materials, practice and presentation of findings. If instructors wish to utilize Diigo as a tool to facilitate collaborative research, they should be aware that Diigo does offer educational account upgrades with the ability to create student accounts without student emails and with increased security and privacy measures particularly for students under 13. Teachers who sign up for a teacher account are able to monitor student activity through the teacher console. Note: it took several weeks to receive the approval for the educational account so teachers wishing to utilize this tool should plan well in advance. See the resources below for more information on how to use this valuable tool.


  • Diigo

    • Diigo is a powerful social bookmarking tool that allows you to save resources, highlight important information and share what you have found with other members of your group.